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Moved to a universal HMD. Found here.
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Date of Arrival: April 21, 2015
Age: 19
Residence: Heaven's Court Apartments, Unit 2002
Occupation: Computer hardware engineer
Place of Employment: Aster Technologies
Pay Grade: *****
Relationship Status: Single

Open Subarchway: Onogoro Island
Tribute: Haumea Amulet
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Athrun Zala here. I'm sorry, but I can't answer right now. Leave a message and I'll get back to you ASAP.
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Personal journal: [personal profile] hurricane_chris
Plurk: [ profile] HurricaneChris
Skype: hurricanechris04
Discord: Hurricane Chris#1540
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For those who knew her, Miki Hoshii is gone. She's returned home.

I have her Munna. If you received any of her Pokémon, please let me know. I want to make sure that they're all accounted for.

[Video; Filtered to PGC]

I'm going to remain in Goldenrod City for now. I want to see what kind of information on Team Rocket I can dig up here. Especially on what degree of control, if any, they have on the radio tower.
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[Video; Action in Vermilion City]

[If you look in the background, you might see what looks like the wall of a hospital. Athrun himself is also dressed not in his own clothes, but rather a hospital gown.]

I don't know whether or not word about what happened in the gym in Vermilion City the other day...but it came under attack. I tried to stop it, and I did manage to, but I couldn't stop it from taking some damage. I don't know what happened to the perpetrator.

I apologize if this holds up anybody else's challenge. I know mine has been held up, might be able to tell. Don't worry, I'll be all right.
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[Athrun looks pretty distraught on the feed. He seems to be indoors, as well. He's been watching the news, so he knows about the Pokémon Centers in Goldenrod, Ecruteak, and Saffron getting destroyed.]

I don't know if everyone's heard, but there's been a series of attacks in three cities. It's all over the news.

Something needs to be done. I don't want to see any more attacks than those that have already happened. I'm going to start patrolling the city. Anyone else in Vermilion interested in helping can let me know; I'll take all the help I can get.

[Video; PGC filter]

Do we have any idea what's going on here? Is it the usual, or someone else?

[Video; Filtered to Miki]

Miki, where are you? We need to talk.
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[Video; Action for Vermilion City; backdated to yesterday evening]

[The feed opens up to a gorgeous sunset over the ocean. The sky is a brilliant red, the sinking sun is reflecting off the glittering was like what one would see in a resort commercial. The recorder seemed to be standing on a pier of some sorts as well, so there were multiple ships around.]

Pretty amazing, isn't it? With scenes like this, it's no wonder Vermilion City is known as the Port of Exquisite Sunsets. Don't worry, Yayoi, I'm saving this for you.

[With that, the camera turned around and showed Athrun, who was wearing his Orb military uniform. The sky behind him was a beautiful dark blue.]

I think that, out of all the places in this world, Vermilion City is the closest thing to where I live back home. It's good to be by the sea again, and there's plenty to do in town. If I truly am stuck here, I think this is where I'll want to live once I've beaten the Elite Four.

Out of curiosity, does anybody else here have a place like that? A place that resembles their home or that they'd like to live?

Also, on a different note, can anyone tell me about the gym leader here? Going by the sign near the gym, I suspect he uses Electric-types, but one can never be too sure.

Also, one more thing. Is he really a lieutenant?
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[1; Action; Saffron City]

[So, Athrun is at least trying to get his shopping done. However, a certain group of spherical robots is bouncing around behind him. And making a racket.]

Haro, Athrun! Haro, Athrun!

Athrun! Athrun!

The Maker! The Maker!

Where are you going? Where are you going?

[Athrun does not seem like he's enjoying this.]

[2; Action; Anywhere in Johto and Kanto]

See this Gundam up in the sky? It's in the process of landing. The cockpit hatch opens up, and the seat -- carrying one Athrun Zala -- rises out of the cockpit. Approach?]
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[Video; Action for Saffron City]

[Judging from Athrun's surroundings, he seems to be seated somewhere in the Pokémon Center. Everything looks clean, and there's power.]

Well...if nothing else, I suppose it's good that the Poison-types are gone. Though I can't say I enjoy this weather any more than them. Does anybody have any kind of idea what's causing this weather? This doesn't seem right. At all.

But more importantly, does anybody know what caused the Poison-type outbreak? There's no way that could have been natural. They appeared and disappeared way too quickly for that. But I haven't been able to find any kind of source, and Saffron City is just too big for a thorough search.

This has been a strange week altogether...I just hope it ends soon.
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...It's about time I disclosed the results of my investigation.

Professor Elm's laboratory holds nothing of interest -- at least, that I was looking for in particular. All of their devises and projects have to do with Pokémon.

The only place of any interest is "Mom's" house...if only for the fact that it's impossible to enter it. The doors and windows are locked, and the chimney releases gusts of wind to keep people from entering that way. Whoever constructed it made for certain that no one could re-enter once they left.

...I did catch a glimpse of "Mom" herself, though, late at night. She was just...standing there. Expressionless face, just staring at her oven. She didn't move or respond to any noises. She remained that way until sunrise.

[Video; filtered to Pokémon Guardian Corps and Shinn]

I'm done dismantling those bombs. I've discovered a few things, and the most interesting part ins't the materials or level of technology used, it's the amount of experience that shows in each bomb's construction.

Most of the bombs I found were very clearly made by someone who knew what he was doing...and then some. The construction and mechanics were so complex that I'd almost call them needlessly complex. Whoever made them is either genius beyond even my level, or a complete nutcase.

However, there were a few other bombs that were far simpler and more, well. Crude. Judging by how those were made, I'd say whomever made them was experienced with the effects of explosions, but not the fine details of an explosive device. So I'd say we're dealing with two people who specialize in...well, not necessarily explosives, but definitely explosions.

[Video; Filtered to Squad 5, Lacus, Shinn, Maria, and Yayoi]

I'm leaving Goldenrod City. I have business to take care of in Kanto, so I'll be taking the train to Saffron City as soon as I can. Be careful, all right?

[Action; Goldenrod City]

[Athrun's hanging out at the house. He's waiting for Miki to return.]

[[OoC: New Bark Town info approved by mods. Bomb info approved by Dal.]]
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[Video -- Open post this time!]

[Athrun has not been seen much in the past 24 hours. He's been out searching for bombs, getting food, or getting rest. Finally, once 24 hours had passed, Athrun had gone home to get himself cleaned up.

So when his face appears on the screen, he has that fresh shower look.]

As you might have heard, the bomb threat was almost fully neutralized. We were able to find and disarm all but one of the bombs, which was apparently well-hidden inside a slot machine. But no one was seriously hurt in that plot, and the damage should be fixed quickly. I'm sorry for the worry that all of this caused.

[Video -- Locked to PGC]

All the bombs have been disposed of, except for two. The fuses have been cut, so there's no danger of a detonation. I plan to investigate the bombs and see if we can get any insight into who made them based on the structure and technology used. Would anyone like to give me a hand with this?

[Video -- Locked to Shinn, Lacus, and Miki]

I'm at the house right now. Come stop by when you get the chance.


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